LBL was founded in 1993 to promote the sport of Lacrosse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The organization strives to emphasize the development of boy and girl lacrosse players, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, respect, and discipline.

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Lower Bucks and The Positive Coaching Alliance

Lower Bucks Lacrosse is very proud of our partnership with the Positive Coaching Alliance.  We find the PCA’s mission to be consistent with LBL’s core values, and our commitment to providing the highest quality youth sports experience in our area.

Since PCA's founding at Stanford University in 1998, more than 1,100 schools and YSOs throughout the U.S. and beyond have used their research-based techniques to:

  • Prepare youth athletes from pre-school through high school for success in life on and off the playing fields
  • Emphasize character-education and life lessons through sports
  • Become outstanding educational-athletic programs, creating a shared vision among organizational leaders, coaches, parents and athletes

In partnership with the PCA, our coaches learn the principles of the Double-Goal Coach, whose first goal is winning, and whose second, more-important goal is teaching life lessons through sports.

Players learn how to become Triple Impact Competitors, one who:

  1. Strives for personal mastery and improvement

  2. Looks for ways to make his/her team and teammates better

  3. Makes the game itself better by competing with honor

Parents come to understand what it means to be a Second-Goal Parent, focused on helping youth athletes take life lessons from sports through these techniques in communicating with their children and their coaches.

Finally, leaders of our organization constantly focus on creating an atmosphere where we hone the not only the athletic, but the life skills, of our youth athletes.

As a demonstration of our commitment to the PCA, LBL recognizes those coaches and players within our organization who most embody the PCA principles.  One boys and one girls coach is recognized, as well as one player from each of our teams.  These prestigious awards are presented at the annual LBL Palooza, a celebration of another great lacrosse season.

Please join us in honoring our previous PCA Award Winners:


  • 2016 - Ken Dysart, Dean Curtis
  • 2015 - Erin Jones, Patrick Wheeler
  • 2014 - Phil Wilson, Rob Rittenmeyer
  • 2013 - Terry Dzelzgalvis, Jen Walther, Dan Nolan
  • 2012 - Meg Nolan, Paul Deppi
  • 2011 - Kim Vogel, Chris Desmond
  • 2010 - Mandy Morrison



  • Nicole Burney
  • John Curtis
  • Ainsley Dysart
  • Maggie Golder
  • Ethan Hellyer
  • Aiden Jolibois
  • Hayden Massengill
  • Andrew Nash
  • Charlie Nuschke
  • Jason Opferman
  • Taylor Petruccio
  • Will Taylor
  • Eric Verrico
  • Logan Wilson
  • Meghan Wilson
  • Ian Wittman
  • Nora Youngblood


  • Carly Angerer
  • Ella Berry
  • Jake Bucksar
  • Michael DeZutel
  • Corey Dixon
  • Nick Donato
  • Justin Gabriele
  • Troy Hanes
  • Brynn Jones
  • Naomi Kahney
  • Jake Kalinowski
  • Trevor Kunkle
  • Jillian Haley
  • Logan Harris
  • Luke Nolan
  • Jake Turk
  • Mike Vecchione


  • Ben Abraham
  • Andrew Cardone
  • Emma Corso
  • Ruthy DeLong
  • Ryan Forde
  • Sam Hensler
  • Rusty Gorelick
  • Ben Morchauser
  • Lily Nolan
  • Gracie Sanchez
  • Trevor Schoenemann
  • Colby Seneca
  • Natalie Smith
  • Lexie Snyder
  • Garrison Toto
  • Ava Weiman


  • Annie Carroll
  • Seamus Connor
  • Sami Del Viscio
  • Madeline Doucette
  • Paige Gillen
  • Ryan Haney
  • Jake Krefetz
  • Rachel Lamb
  • Kaden Marotta
  • Emily Matson
  • Sean McLoughlin
  • Ryan Parish
  • Kyle Rinehimer
  • Jake Schneider
  • Lexie Snyder
  • Gib Versfeld
  • Conrad Vakili
  • Hannah Wallingford


  • Amy Garry
  • Brian Doron
  • Brian Frank
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Gillian Dysart
  • Greg Lichtenstein
  • Isabel Glace
  • Jack Gerity
  • Kate Studer
  • Katie Bryson
  • Luke Vando
  • Matthew Kylander
  • Olivia Kylander
  • Olivia Zinnen
  • Sara Matson
  • Sydney Plunkett
  • Tim Davis


  • Andrew “Woo” Arth
  • Anna Cruser
  • Devin Sengpeil
  • Emily Rubino
  • Emily Walther
  • John Demmler
  • Katie Greed
  • Keir Degnan
  • Kevin Goetz
  • Megan McBride
  • Morgan Haney
  • Nicholas Bill
  • Paul Caravello
  • Preston Backhaus
  • Sara Burney
  • Sara Nash
  • Sean Diehl
  • Shea Diehl
  • Tim Bowers


  • Bridget Carrezola
  • Catherine Belveal
  • Elizabeth Harkins
  • Hallie Anderson
  • Katelyn Denis
  • Laney Pope
  • Megan Pattoli
  • Ruthie DeLong
  • Sarah Sobolevitch