Boys Equipment

Full pads are required for all boys who participate on our A, B, C and D Division teams:

- Helmet
- Shoulder Pads
- Arm Pads
- Gloves
- Stick
- Mouth Piece
- Protective Cup
- Rib Pads (optional)

The cost of equipment can vary dramatically depending on your purchase.  New players should budget $200 to $250 dollars for equipment.  Starter kits are also offered by many manufacturers including STX, Brine, Warrior, Maverick and Nike.

The right helmet is a critically important for player safety.  LBL requires players to invest in a NOCSAE approved lacrosse helmet.  Cascade Lacrosse provides a full spectrum of choices for the beginner to the advanced player.  We recommend purchasing a WHITE color helmet to complete the uniformity of the team look. LBL helmet decals will be provided for all players as part of your registration. More info from US Lacrosse… US Lacrosse Statement on Helmets

Protective Equipment
This category includes shoulder pads, arm guards and gloves.  Product offerings fall into the “Good , Better , Best" models with entry level products being appropriate and safe for all players. Pricing varies along this spectrum as well. Be sure to try on all equipment before you purchase to make sure it is comfortable for the player.

Sticks are composed of shafts and heads.  Complete sticks can be purchased at a reasonable cost.  In general these sticks will come with an alloy shaft that is fine for new players, and a head that is designed for new players.  

LBL has partnered with Dick's Clothing and Sporting Goods who offers a wide range of equipment for players of all levels.

Uniforms are the same from year to year. Once you purchase a uniform you can use it for as long as it fits.