Field Lining


Each team is responsible for lining the assigned field on the date provided in the sign-up.  Team Parents are asked to recruit parent volunteers for the field they are expected to line on their assigned weeks.

This is a very important position, as we must have our fields properly painted in order to host our home games.  To learn how to properly line the fields, volunteers should watch this short video.

Fields need to be lined by Thursday or Friday so they are fresh for weekend home games. If you can line the fields earlier in the week because that works better with your schedule, go for it! Please only line the middle school fields after school hours. 

This is a team effort. Parents are needed to line the fields at Middletown Community Park (MCP), Charles Boehm MS and Pennsbury HS. Except for PHS, paint stripers and supplies are provided and located at fields.  An email with combo codes will be sent in advance to those that have signed up to line the fields. 

Time commitment: 30-40min

Initial lining: Completed the last week in March

Line maintenance: Weekly re-trace the existing set of lines.

Once finished each week, please return or store/lock-up the remaining paint and field liner to the designated location and inspect the field for debris or hazards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a volunteer need to do?

Re-stripe over ALL the existing lines. The diagrams below show the current lines on each of the differnet fields.

How do I access the shed and equipment room?

MCP has a lock box is located on the third base side of the baseball field and the supplies are in a shed adjacent to the baseball field on the north driveway at Charles Boehm. Combinations will be sent to you when you sign up to volunteer. Individuals who sing up for PHS will be contacted with more details on their supplies.

What happens if the field liner volunteers don't show up to fulfill their responsibility?

If someone doesn’t show up, let the coach know and ask parent’s at least 30 minutes before the game to help re-paint the lines.

How much paint do I need for the field?

6-8 cans per boys’ fields and 12 cans per girls field.

Who decides if the fields are open or closed?

The township decides if they are playable.

How would the volunteers know if it's closed due to weather?

A message will be sent from LBL.

How many fields are there?

There are 4 fields at MCP, and 3 others at Charles Boehm and 1 at PHS.

Field Diagrams

Visit the US Lacrosse website to see all field diagrams. The LBL field layouts are provided below.

Charles Boehm Middle School

Middletown Community Park

Pennsbury High School

Click on the image above for a larger view.