2021 Season FAQ

Thank you to all our LBL families for the awesome questions about the 2021 LBL Season. This is an amazing community committed to furthering the development of our children as they challenge themselves through competition.

We will continue to update this page with the latest questions from our LBL families. Please direct all questions to info@lblax.org.

When does registration close?
February 28th at 11:59 PM

What is the health and safety plan for LBL?

As with all things in this time, the health and safety protocol is dynamic and will change based on the latest guidance from the State of PA, the CDC and US Lacrosse. Please visit this page to view our current plan.

How will the 2021 season differ from previous years?
For the 2021 season we are operating as a 100% in-house program. We will not participate and enter teams into the PAGLA (girls) and SEPYLA (boys) leagues. This will eliminate travel outside of our area and relying on other programs when it comes to scheduling and adhering to a similar safety plan as ours.

Will the kids have games?
Yes! Every team will have the opportunity to compete in a series of games within their grade level group. Schedules will be made available once registration is complete.

Can parents watch practice? games?
Parents are encouraged to drop off their child at practice, ensure they are safely checked in at the field, and then pickup at the end of practice. We expect to have the ability to permit parents to attend our games. The number of attendees will be limited based on the latest guidance from the State of PA at the time games take place.

What is the refund policy in the event the season gets cancelled?
Please view this page for complete details on our refund policies.

What is the difference between TryLax and the Boys & Girls in-house program?
TryLax is for boys and girls in grades K-4 who are new to lacrosse and are looking to learn the basics over a 5 week period for one hour per week. The time commitment is much lower and all equipment is provided as part of the registration. The in-house program requires all players to have full equipment and are a much greater time commitment of 3 days per week.

We have the jersey from last season. How do we get that deducted from our cost?
We made decisions last year with the expectation of moving to a normal season including PAGLA and SEPYLA play. Unfortunately, the pandemic is requiring us to seek alternatives to a normal season this year as well in the interest of our players’ and volunteers’ health. We are pivoting as an organization to provide a consistent and competitive experience for our athletes, making new and different decisions as we move forward and the pandemic and the world’s response evolves. We are providing reversible jerseys for our in-house program this year and have included the cost in registration so every player will receive one. The official LBL uniform purchased in the past can be used for practices and in future seasons.

Did LBL notify SEPYLA and PAGLA regarding their plans to not participate in league play?
Both leagues were informed through the expected notification channels.

Can consideration be given to field one travel team at the 5/6 and 7/8th grade level?
We have considered this at length and came to the decision on our current plan. Please note, the current plan calls for full field games at the end of our season if conditions permit. We have already been exploring options for these with local programs.

Is LBL fully intending to rejoin SEPYLA and PAGLA for the 2022 spring season?
Our intention is to enter teams in SEPYLA and PAGLA in 2022.

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