Registration Scholarship Program

The Brian Jarrett Registration Fee Scholarship Program

Brian Jarrett was a beloved father, son, fiancé, stepfather, friend, and LBL coach, who passed away far too soon at the age of 30 on October 6, 2004.

He left behind many people who loved him greatly (and always will); Mother & Father, John; Cheryl Jarrett of Folsom Pa; Son, Mitchell Jarrett of Collegeville, Pa; Fiancée Karen Centanni & her son, Philip Holzhauer of Langhorne Pa; Brother & Sister, Chris & Meghan Jarrett, both of Folsom, Pa as well as a slew of Aunts, Uncles and Cousins from New England to Florida, whom he loved greatly.

Brian may have only been here a little shy of 31 years but he touched us for a life time. He has taught us about love, sacrifice and dedication. Above all, Brian was a true example of a dedicated Father. His legacy lives on in Mitchell.

Brian dedicated a large portion of his time growing up playing Lacrosse. He played while in high school at Ridley High and at Seton Hall University. But that was not enough for Brian.  He wanted to share his love for the game with others.  He introduced the game to Philip, and agreed to coach for Lower Bucks Lacrosse.  His next dream would have been to share the sport with his own son, Mitchell in a few years.

Brian coached the LBL B-3 Tigers and made many friends in the club. Brian was a prime example of everything LBL exemplifies. He took the newer kids and taught them to be passionate about the sport. He embodied the PCA principles: everybody had a spot, and was a valued part of the team.

To honor Brian and his love of the sport and the organization, Lower Bucks Lacrosse has established a Scholarship program in his name.  These scholarships will be given out each season to deserving players to offset registration fees in a time of need.  Last year alone, over $500 in Brian Jarrett Scholarships were awarded.

How to Apply
To apply for the Brian Jarrett Registration Fee Scholarship Program, please contact the LBL President at